4 Common Electrical Issues That Can Cause Fires and How to Prevent Them

Electrical fires have affected many houses in Australia each year with many Australians not looking out for signs or not being aware of the potential risks that can come from certain electrical issues. Understanding what to look out for is the first step toward ensuring that your home is safe from electrical fires and other electrical incidents. In this blog, we will go through what to look out for and get updated!

Outdated Electrical Wiring

Many people don’t realise but at some point, your electrical wiring becomes outdated which then makes it unsafe. Outdated electrical wiring has been one of the main issues when it comes to electrical fires so this should be a number one priority to get checked out if you feel like your electrical wiring is outdated. The main reason why electrical wiring needs to be updated is that it does not have the capability of handling the high energy demand of modern appliances that new electrical wiring would have and when it ends up getting too much it will catch alight.

Outdated Home Appliances

You may be one of those people who like to buy an appliance and hope to keep it for 20+ years however this may not be the wisest decision. Our appliances are constantly changing and the safety standards are constantly being updated to ensure your safety. With this being said, your old appliances will not have these updates and just like in the previous paragraph, the appliance will also have outdated electrical wiring inside. Just like the electrical wiring in the home, the electrical wiring in the appliance will also catch on fire once the appliance cannot handle the high energy demand anymore. It is best to upgrade your home appliances before this happens.

Faulty Switches & Outlets

This shouldn’t come as a surprise however faulty switches and outlets have been another major cause of electrical fires in the past. Over a long period of time, the switches and outlets start to wear out. The same tends to happen with the wiring at the back too. When this happens, it is possible for one of the wirings to break and start a fire. This is more common for switches and outlets that are starting to or are loose at the wall. If you notice this, you should contact a professional electrician as soon as possible as it would be best to have it replaced.

Overloaded Circuit

Circuits and extension leads are used in almost every household. Not many people know that they can cause a risk if overloaded or used incorrectly. When multiple appliances are connected to your circuit board and then connected to an extension lead it becomes overpowering on the extension lead. This can cause the circuit board to become overloaded and can catch on fire. Circuit boards are unsafe to overload and should not be used to the extent many people are using them. If you feel like you need more power outlets you should contact your professional electrician and they will be able to come out to you and install additional ones. If you need to use an extension cord it is best to buy a heavy-duty one and lay it next to the wall so it limits the risk of people being able to come into contact with it.

Electrical Issues

Now that you know the 4 most common electrical issues that can cause a fire it is best to go through your house and ensure that everything is looking okay. If you would like a professional electrician to do a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical system, give Mack Electrical a call today.