4 Signs Your Circuit Board Needs Replacing

Circuit boards can last decades with no issues which is often the reason why people tend to forget about them. While it is essential to change them eventually, you may be wondering ‘but when?”. In this blog, we will go through some signs to look out for to help you know when your circuit board needs replacing.

Circuit Breakers Are Tripping

When your circuit breakers in the circuit board are tripping more than once it is time to call an electrician. This sign usually means that your circuit board can no longer handle the amount of electricity you are using in your home. When this starts happening it usually doesn’t take long for your circuit breakers to trip if you attempt to use more than one appliance at a time.

Although you can turn your circuit breakers off and back on again to get the electricity back up, this will only last so long as it is a short-term solution. It is best to get an experienced electrician in as soon as possible as eventually it may cause a fire inside your home. Mack Electrical can come out and inspect the circuit board and see if any solutions are needed to keep it running smoothly and safely.

Your Circuit Board Is Old

Staying aware of how old your circuit board is can assist with ensuring no issues come from it. It may be likely that it hasn’t been replaced since the house was built so if your house is old then your circuit board would more than likely be old too. An experienced electrician would be able to come out and inspect it for you to let you know if there are any changes needed, if it needs replacing or if it’s still fine to keep it as it is for now. Additionally, if your circuit board is old that means your electrical system may also operate on fuses. Fuses have become outdated and aren’t as safe as modern alternatives so it is best to get the circuit board replaced in this case, however, it isn’t necessary.

Burnt Smell Or Burnt Components

When there’s a burning smell in your home it could be the circuit board. This smell could either mean your circuit board needs replacing or there are burnt components in the circuit board (which doesn’t always come with a smell). Burnt components in the circuit board can happen when PCBs are exposed to high temperatures. Depending on the size and shape of each component will determine the likelihood of it being burnt due to each of the components’ heat tolerance. When the component gets burnt it can cause operational issues and will need to be replaced. It is best to get Mack Electrical out as soon as possible if there is a burning smell as this could mean a serious issue that may need urgent attention.

Circuit Board Is Warm Or Hot To Touch

If your circuit board is warm or hot to touch it could mean that it is overheating. When a circuit board is overheating, it should automatically trigger the circuit breaker to trip for safety purposes. This is because a warm or hot circuit board could potentially lead to a fire which is something everyone would like to avoid. If your circuit board is warm or hot to touch and your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped that could mean there is an issue with the circuit board and it may need replacing. It is best to get an experienced electrician to come out and inspect it to ensure it is still safe to use.

Circuit Board Needs Replacing

If you feel like you are having any of the issues listed above or you would like an experienced electrician to come out and inspect your circuit board for you, contact Mack Electrical here and we will come out to you in no time. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your electrical system is working efficiently it is important to get regular inspections on it. Working alongside professional electricians can give you the confidence you need that your electrical system is safe and efficient. If you would like to visit our Facebook page click here or alternatively click here to view our website for more information. For any questions you may have or to book your next inspection in, contact us today.